“When I first came to Mary, I was deep in the belief that my healing had to be hard work… that I was facing years of digging through and digging up the past. And I was so stuck in a pattern of negative thinking that I didn’t even realize its sabotaging effects.
But in my first visit to Mary, I made huge strides in a very short stretch of time. Mary uses her vast experience, keen intuition, and intensely caring heart to listen intently and go straight to the source of the emotional pain. I was able to recognize and release the pain in just one session.
And that has happened each and every time I meet with her. It’s like accessing this loving, laser-pointed beacon for healing…It’s genuinely miraculous.” 

- L.K. / Marketing Professional

“I highly recommend Mary Cenci. She brings her medical knowledge as a nurse and combines it with her training in various healing modalities. In my experience, the techniques Mary uses are gentle yet very powerful to shift emotions and energy.

I have seen Mary for help with physical and emotional issues with much success. I have also done a relationship clearing with my spouse and the results were honest to goodness nothing short of a miracle! I have also worked on childhood abuse issues. I have tried a lot of different healing modalities prior to my help from Mary. The skills that she brings to the table have enabled me to heal so much faster then traditional talk therapy. She is compassionate and her work is extraordinary. I consider myself so blessed to have found her.”

- T.B. / Children’s Book Writer

“After my first session with Mary, I had an amazing night, and slept so well. I also noticed the difference in my emotions, I’m not worried as much as I used to be or overthinking everything. Thank you so much for helping me.”

- W.H. / IT Specialist

“Since working with Mary, my life has fundamentally transformed for the better. After a few sessions, I noticed that the overwhelming sadness that I had felt for years had significantly lessened. My daily life and mood has greatly improved and I now feel worthy of the blessings I have and will receive. 

Mary is very kind and has been amazing to work with. Even though I live out of state and our face-to-face meetings have been limited, our phone sessions have been just as successful for me. I am excited to continue with her in the future.”       

                                                                                                                                                     - A.P. / Ph.D

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share my comments on the Energy Work I have experienced with Mary Cenci.

Although I had been to other practitioners, I find Mary’s insights, competence, and integrity to be far superior.

Mary takes the time to listen and facilitate the changes I want to achieve. I notice many positive changes in the way I feel, both during the sessions and afterward.

One of my first and most immediately noticeable changes was becoming a non-smoker after forty plus years. This was a feat I thought impossible. I continue to schedule frequent appointments with Mary and look forward to each one.”  

- H.M. / Retail Management

“I am a 70 year old conservative male. I started to see Mary after a knee replacement surgery earlier this year. I wanted help with the pain of recovery. I found Mary to be more than I had expected. She is forthright, honest, and has a soothing and healing way about her. You should expect an alternative approach and get great results as I did.”

                                                    - M.B. / General Contractor


“From a deeper understanding of universal truths to global issues that affect us all and intimate glimpses into the timeless energies that effect our everyday lives and personal stories, Mary Cenci’s groups have become an important part of my spiritual development and in the fulfillment in life of joy and abundance.”                      

                                                                                                                                            ―  Devison Kuhlman


“Just one session with Mary can leave you with the understanding and tools to move clearly and confidently forward―and through― whatever issue or question is at hand. It is as if Mary facilitates the Divine Guides to literally and lovingly take you by the hand, walk you to the exact source of a life pattern or problem, and then guide you gently to its healing solution.”  

                                                                                                                                                 ―  Lynda H.


As a conscious intuitive, Mary has a beautiful ability to be present to assist us on our journey. She holds the highest integrity, love and light as she shares her gifts with us. Her groups are an amazing opportunity to seek answers and healing. 

"Mary uses many tools that she works with to clear patterns that hold us back individually and her channeling groups are one of the many tools she uses that have given many people answers and understanding to help them with their journey of awakening.

                                                                                                                            - Karen W.

"Mary uses her extensive knowledge, training, wisdom and gifts to guide you through the storms in life from which your mind thinks there is no return. When you believe they may 'end' you, she gently shows you the path HOME. Myself and my family are profoundly grateful for her support, healing and guidance."                                                                   

                                                                                                                                   - S.R.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Photo by Chris Cenci