*Spiritual Response Therapy, commonly known as SRT, is a powerful method that uses dowsing to bypass the conscious mind and its negative programming and connect with the subconscious and guidance at Spiritual and Soul levels. As old negative programs, beliefs and blocks are identified, they are cleared and replaced with positive energy.

*This allows you to access inner peace within yourself, with your health, and in your relationships.*

Everyone is unique, so the exact response to a clearing will be different for each person. It will also vary from session to session as we have multiple energy bodies that are always shifting. After an SRT clearing, the various energy bodies release “stuck” patterns and come back into balance.

*In general, a “clearing out” of negative energies has a rapid and marked effect on one’s health, relationships, and brings a sense of well-being.*

In addition, land and home clearing can be done with SRT. Often, traumatic events on a piece of land or in a home can leave behind dense, stuck "energy" and are felt by people in a variety of negative and fearful ways. This can include the spirit of a person who has not crossed over. Children and animals can easily sense this and it can be very fearful to them, especially in the dark. As a result these young kids can have unexplained anxiety and a difficult time sleeping

*A land and home clearing can correct this and bring peace into the space. Often, there is an immediate, noticeable effect and feeling that something has changed or lifted, as well as household pets are significantly calmer.  

SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler and accepts the premise that everyone has experienced a previous existence in both spiritual and incarnational realms. Accessing and clearing energy from the Akashic Records where every being has vibrational records of their soul's journey is deeply healing and life-changing. Negative energy and limiting beliefs established in prior lifetimes or realms, as well as in the present, can keep an individual from realizing their full potential. The purpose of SRT is to empower and assist individuals in creating a positive future for themselves and for the planet.

Photo by Chris Cenci