REINCARNATION, DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and Connecting to your Past Lives 

“Reveal the Past, Heal the Present”

Reincarnation is the belief that each of us goes through a series of lifetimes through rebirths. This concept has been with us since before recorded history. WHY? This happens for the purpose of spiritual growth, soul learning and development. 

Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived previous lives?  Ever met someone and felt like you already knew them?  What makes you adamantly like or dislike certain things, people, and places?  Where do your talents come from?  Why do you feel stuck?  Do you have blocks around finances or relationships? Does a medical problem or pain perhaps have a past-life origin? Are you clear about your life purpose? Time after Time our emotional reactions during past life events stay with us and continue to carry energy through time to our current life experience! 

I believe we have lived many previous lives and this sets the stage for how we express ourselves in this life, how we experience our relationships, and what we are here to learn.

For many years I have used the intuitive gift of hearing, seeing and feeling information from the Divine spiritual realms to help individuals gain insight and clarity into their present life experiences. I receive and share information from Compassionate, Loving Beings in the Higher Realms of Light.  

We are all vessels for communication. I intuitively allow a *Divine Intelligence of Light permission to send loving messages to teach, enlighten and raise the consciousness of the world.

Reveal the past, heal the present. This statement sums up the purpose for your life experiences. The deeply informative sessions I offer can help you gain insight and clarity into your present life experiences, connecting you to your predominant past lives while receiving detailed descriptions and specific information about how and why this is affecting your life today. Do you know your life purpose? If you like, that question will be answered.

In addition, if requested by a client, I may complete an energetic body scan to find specific areas of imbalance within a person. This can be extremely helpful, not as in a medical diagnosis, however, as to alert a person to areas of health concerns within their body, what areas require improvement, as well as to see the past or current life connection to an illness/imbalance.

Many people have found that past life insights and divine information is deeply healing and transformative. As well as detailed information, many people have experienced receiving noticeable healing energy during a session. 

Have your life questions answered with a profound understanding like never before and move forward in your life with more love and harmony.

I can assist you By Phone, In Person, or in Groups at your home or private setting. (see Contact Mary page) All *Light Group sessions and groups are recorded and available for a nominal fee.


  • "I found Mary's past life group very helpful and all the information was relevant and specific to my life." S.B.

  • "Mary's groups are always timely to my current situation. My questions were answered with useful information, and I could relate to the details given to everyone there." S.T. 

  • "The information I received made so much sense to my current life experience and felt very healing." D.H. 

  • "Mary's group covered a broad range of intimate topics, all of which related to my living and enjoying a better life." D.E.

  • "I was so surprised how much I learned since I had not met Mary before. The information that was given to me described my life and current situation exactly! Amazing!" L.B.

  • "To be a part of one of Mary's groups has been life changing. All the wisdom that came through was connected to all parts of my life, and made so much sense. I have been able to see my current experiences in a new way to bring more joy to each day."  D.D. 

  • "After hearing what Mary shared, I've been able to move forward in my life with less fear and more confidence. I felt a healing energy and presence that renewed my faith in myself and the Universe." M.S.

  • "What an amazing experience to receive answers to life's questions in a way that connected to my core. I had not met Mary before and she seemed to have a clarity of knowledge that zoomed right into my being. Many thanks!" R.S. 

  • "I have never had an experience quite like receiving this type of information. Mary uses love, laughter and Universal wisdom to get right to the heart of the question at hand. I attend these groups as much as I can." K.A. 

  • "I'm so glad I was able to have a recording of Mary's group. I've also had a private session with Mary and there is so much information given that it helps to listen to it several times to integrate it all!" W.P.

  • “What a beautiful gift that Mary is able to share with others. Her ability to tune into specific details is amazing. I could feel loving energy all around me.” J.S.

  • “During a personal session with Mary I received and connected to more information than I could have imagined. I am so grateful for our time together.” R.M.

  • “I thought after one intuitive session with Mary that I had heard all there was to know. I was wrong! On our second time together, the information was deeper and even more meaningful.” B.J.

  • “I continue to be awed with the level of insight that Mary brings to our times together. I have been able to make huge improvements in my life that I never thought possible.” R.H.