The founder of modern day Mindfulness practice is Jon Kabat-Zinn who founded the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the late 1970's. Through the decades, programs based on his Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction have been widely adapted in schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans centers, and other environments.

Currently, a large Mindfulness in Education movement is spreading throughout the country, with over 300,000 children and teens having been instructed in the classroom setting.

A Mindfulness practice can help to regulate and navigate emotions, learn impulse control,  improve attention, and sharpen clarity and focus. I am available to facilitate and instruct a group Mindfulness Boot Camp to give you the tools to jump start your practice.

Mindfulness helps to deepen self-awareness through observation, without criticism, and being compassionate with yourself. Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our attention. Any routine can become a Mindfulness practice when you place your full attention on it.

Many large corporations such as Google, General Mills, the Seattle Seahawks, and the U.S. Military are embracing Mindfulness for adults as a means of boosting performance and productivity. 

Mindfulness is now being examined scientifically and has been found to be a key element in creating positive changes in attitudes and behaviors, as well as demonstrating that a Mindfulness practice can improve mental and physical health.