Imagery is the natural language of the conscious and subconscious mind. Your images, or visual pictures in your mind’s eye, hold the thoughts, beliefs, values, attitudes and feelings that you have about the world. That’s why advertisers know the importance of marketing to your senses. After a simple relaxation exercise, as a skilled practitioner I can assist you using an *Interactive process to access your own images to deepen the connection into your inner world. This technique can open the doorway to allow you to quickly work through stress, trauma and pain. This powerful process can awaken the mind-body connection and access your natural healing mechanisms to support and benefit your health on many levels.

The exciting news is that Guided Imagery is endorsed by The American Cancer Society, The National Institute of Health, Mayo Clinic and many other medical centers throughout the U.S. 

*Interactive Guided Imagery is a potent modality for an endless variety of issues. Numerous studies have shown utilizing IGI can result in pain reduction, a decreased need for medication, faster healing, and symptom resolution. 

Photo by Chris Cenci